We have a three-prong component of civic engagement. First, we are encouraging and assisting eligible adults to become registered voters…Remember, Your VOTE is Your Voice! Second, we are actively organizing community members, ages 14 and above, citizen or resident, male and female to join our effort in building an active voting community. This grass roots organization seeks to empower community residents to engage in civic affairs with participation that can and will effect change. Third, we are encouraging and assisting lawful residents in becoming naturalized citizens.

People that are interested in getting involved, are asked to sign a pledge, to help develop a vision based on solid values with a commitment for building a better Rio Grande Valley for everyone, not just a privileged few. The civic engagement work we do in the public arena is non-partisan and primarily educational in nature, scope and intent.

Op10.33’s vision is to empower those that want more for their community, themselves and their families. By educating our community, we give everyone eligible to vote the opportunity to not only create change but to be The Change!

This community deserves to be represented by qualified elected officials that are chosen by the entire voting community and not just by a select few.

We believe its as simple as encouraging your family and your friends to VOTE and let their Voice Be Heard…COME JOIN US!

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