OP 10.33 Billboard Campaign

Op10.33 Billboard Campaign

The purpose behind OP10.33 is to bring positive change to Cameron County.

In October of 2013 an article appeared in the Houston Chronicle naming Brownsville-Harlingen as the poorest city in America.

Brownsville is unique in that it is on the border and by the sea. One other city that shares this unique natural location is Sand Diego, California. San Diego has prospered while Brownsville has been left behind.

The main purpose behind the Billboards is to get your attention. Here at OP10.33 we want you to become active. Get involved as we plan to…

  • Eliminate corruption
  • Offer educational opportunities
  • Create jobs and training
  • Offer much needed social services.
  • Abid Castaneda

    LOVE your website! Let’s see if I can help by bringing jobs to one of the most poorly paid career sectors in the valley.

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