We will seek to network churches and non-profits in Brownsville and Cameron County who will partner with the healthcare industry, first–responders, schools, arts and media, government, and businesses to bring about lasting transformation in the lives of people.

By uniting each of these segments of the community, we seek to improve: public safety, access to food, housing standards, education, health care and the overall quality of life.

We seek to bring about total transformation in the lives of individuals, families, neighborhoods, and, ultimately, our communities.

We plan on supporting existing school supply drives administered by current churches and non-profits.

For Schools without outside help for supplies, we will work to make sure every school is supported with a back to school supply drive.

We plan on supporting existing Christmas drives to ensure every child has a toy and every family a meal.

We will work with the city to select homes that need exterior repairs and will then recruit volunteers to do the work and seek donations from businesses to cover the supplies.

We will work directly with schools to find out how churches and non-profits can meet the needs of children and families in each neighborhood.

We will provide a food pantry to meet emergency needs of families and individuals while supporting existing food pantries in the city and county.

We will seek to establish an Immigration Initiative Office and network with other non-profit organizations that are currently helping with immigration issues.

We will provide basic pastoral counseling for families and individuals.

We will establish regular health care missions utilizing both local and outside-qualified providers.

We will also support other non-profits that are offering free health care along with vision and hearing screening.

We will work with other non-profits and churches to provide school children with after school tutoring, computer training, and ESL classes.

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