The Family Behind OP 10.33

The Hernandez family has roots that run deep
in Cameron County.

Mike’s Father’s Side

Praxedis Orive

Marries Rafaela Trevino 

Rafaela dies and Praxedes marries her cousin, Benigna Trevino

Has son, Atenojenes

Atenojenes Orive 

Sells majority of holdings by the time of his death in 1874

Manages Palmito Ranch with brother-in-law

Invests in real estate in Brownsville and serves as County Commissioner for over 20 years

Has son, Manuel

Manuel Orive

Born at Palmito Ranch in 1883

Married Marcela Hinojosa, Has daughter, Margarita

Margarita Orive-Hernandez

Born at Palmito Ranch in 1911

Marries Miguel Hernandez Sr in 1932

First born Miguel Hernandez Jr

Miguel Hernandez Jr.

Born in Brownsville in 1933 – Married Ana Maria Sanchez from San Benito

Second of four children, Miguel Hernandez III

Miguel Hernandez III 

Marries Kelly Kennemer has two step-sons (Cody and Chase) and two daughters (Madeline and Olivia)

Mike’s Mother’s Side

Emilio and Delores Sanchez

came to Brownsville from San Potosi, Mexico in 1911

Enrique Sanchez

born 1902

marries Concepcion Martinez from San Benito in 1929

Ana Maria Sanchez

born 1936

1 of 6 children Benito, Henry, Nena, Richard, Sylvia

Marries Mike Hernandez Jr. from Brownsville in 1957

Mike Hernandez III

Born 1961

1 of 4 children Ana Maria, Sandra, Albert

Marries Kelly Kennemer has two step-sons (Cody and Chase) and two daughters (Madeline and Olivia)

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  • OP10.33

    Hi Alfredo! Thank you for trying to reach out and wanting to volunteer.
    We’re sorry you didn’t hear back. Who was it that you submitted a request
    through. Our current person of contact for volunteering is

  • Meme garza

    Great work you are doing. My dad and your grandfather were great friends. Your dad offered me my first job out of college at Levi’s . I was very grateful for this opportunity. I ended up coaching at st. Joe for the past 41 years. I wish you the best in all your efforts
    Meme garza

    • OP10.33

      Thanks Coach! I remember you and your family well and I appreciate your
      words of support. I hope all is well with you and I¹m glad to hear that
      you are still mentoring kids at St. Joe. I remember that you were always
      kind to me despite my hyperactivity and I am still grateful for that. It¹s
      good hearing from you and I wish you all the best.

      Thanks again.

      ~ Mike III

  • Susan

    God Bless you for returning to your roots and helping the people close to your heart.

  • Hilda ledezma

    Hello Mr. Hernandez I hope you can take a minute from your busy schedule and see who we are and what we are doing for the community of Brownsville. Our Facebook page Carlotta K. Petrina Cultural Center.

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